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The KECH Foundation is pleased to announce that it has been approved as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity to serve South Georgians with Substance Use Disorder.

KECH Foundation is located in historic Valdosta, a beautiful old college town nestled in southcentral Georgia. KECH was created to provide a helping hand to individuals struggling with Substance Use Disorder and who have a sincere desire to live a life free from drugs and alcohol but lack the necessary funds for treatment.

So Many Questions

Who we are...

The KECH Foundation began with a simple question, “how can we help people who can’t afford help?” This, of course, is not a new question for those laboring in the field of addiction treatment and recovery support. Too often, those who most need help with addiction or alcoholism are least able afford it. They want to get sober and to learn to stay sober but lack the necessary resources. Unfortunately, the determining factor in this life or death decision often boils down to funding: good treatment and aftercare are usually not cheap, and the cheap treatment and aftercare are usually not good. For this reason, a 501(c)(3) named the KECH Foundation was formed. Its founders are experienced clinicians in the field of substance abuse treatment with over two decades of experience. They are also men in long-term recovery who understand the desperate, heartbreaking nature of substance use disorder from first-hand experience. We hope you will join with us as we seek to help those who cannot help themselves. All contributions are tax-deductible. Moreover, you and your organization will receive recognition in our newsletters, social media, and our webpages as a supporter of The KECH Foundation and its life-saving work. Please consider partnering with us in fulfilling the vision of seeing men and women restored to health, reunited with their families and loved ones, and returned to their communities as sober, responsible neighbors.

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Ribbon cutting for the KECH Foundation

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October 29, 2020 in News

Charity golf tournament sponsorship

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Substance Abuse Disorder (alcoholism and addiction)

Substance Abuse Disorder (alcoholism and addiction) are a pervasive problem in American society. It is estimated that one out of eleven  Americans meet the clinical criteria for this  problem. Addiction is no respecter of persons and  equally affects people from all socioeconomic  backgrounds. In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in those seeking treatment for prescription drug abuse among middle-income, middle-aged people. However, in many cases those seeking have financially exhausted themselves and their families. In the paper “Mortality and morbidity in the 21st century,”  Princeton Professors Anne Case and Angus  Deaton set forth the” shocking increase in midlife mortality among white non-Hispanic Americans.” For the first time outside of a major war, addiction has shortened the average life-expectancy for middle-aged men.

Each applicant will be individually considered

The process of extending assistance to candidates will begin with a written application which will include pertinent personal and financial information as well as an essay portion describing why the applicant wants to recover from substance use disorder. Each applicant will be individually considered. Candidates will be personally interviewed wherever possible by the officers of the foundation or designated members of the board of directors. Factors which will be considered will include personal and financial need as well as suitability, willingness and motivation for recovery. Applications and disbursements will be regularly reviewed by the Board of Directors. The goal of the application process is to identify those individuals who are most willing and able to take advantage of the opportunity extended to them by the KECH Foundation.

With proper support anyone can recover from substance use disorder

KECH Foundation’s purpose is to help men and women with substance use disorder to realize the promises of recovery and to live to their fullest potential, free from drugs and alcohol. It’s primary geographic focus is rural south Georgia, an area that is often underserved and overlooked by state and national organizations and resources that are seeking to stem the tide of our national substance abuse crisis. Therefore, KECH Foundation will help individuals navigate the potential challenges of early recovery by providing educational and financial resources to qualified applicants from these underserved areas. We believe that with proper support anyone can recover from substance use disorder, going on to live purposeful, productive lives.

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